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Music has evolved in recent years and also the way we listen to music. In Georgia there is a new generation of musical artists who reach the goal. Our goal is to help these artists in the best possible way to promote music and achievements, while listeners increase.

Miguel Martinez 23 years people ask me why I got into this business and the answer is very long. I have to do an episode of why I do the things I do. but for now all I can say is that my motivation is my daughter. I want her to leave something for her when I'm gone. I have something I can be proud, be my own boss, have fun and, in most cases, help those in need.

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EP. 3: -Chris brown arestado Paris

Chris brown arestado Paris Cardi b se espresa sobre el presindente trump

EP. 02: El Break Up de CardiB y Offsett

la reaccion de cardiB despues del break up con offset no demuestra tristeza. IG: Ugpromotion YouTube:@UgYouTubeShow

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