The Demonic Virtue by Knial Piper II

Hosted ByKnial R. Piper II

Every week one chapter (including interactive sound effects) is released from Knial Piper II's upcoming novel. The Demonic Virtue, a theodicy, follows Atopher, a distraught angel who is cast out from Heaven. Once removed from “The Light from Yonder” he gets a front row seat to the greatest story ever told. From the big bang to judgment day, Atopher observes and interacts it all. He watches the Earth grow, man evolve, and the unraveling of major historical moments. He even wages a war on The Creator himself. This book guides you around blood thirsty demons, though world wars, ancient tombs, and artificially intelligent police droids. Read Quality, Read Knial Piper.

Knial R. Piper II is a United States veteran Infantry Officer with a Juris Doctorate. He was born and raised in Missouri, with an eye for travel and reading. Currently Mr. Piper resides in Florida and his first novel Freedom Blues and American Soul, was published June 2017. His second novel, The Demonic Virtue will be available in 2019 in paper back. Currently, The Demonic Virtue is being released weekly as an audiobook along with his podcast The Obscure Book Report

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