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Hosted ByTerrance Fullilove

T-Talk is an entertainment show that is dedicated to giving you the latest news in Hollywood. With everything straight, and no chaser, this show is meant to make you laugh, shock, cry, and even think. The show has the following: tons of celebrity news, new music Friday, Billboard’s Hot 100 Top Ten, corny jokes, and opinions from Terrance himself.

Coming in 6’4’’ weighing around 200 pounds, it’s Terrance Fullilove. Born and raised on Southside of Chicago, Terrance has developed himself into an entertainment news junkie. Before that, he was just your average kid playing basketball, baseball, and volleyball. Terrance went to Westinghouse College Prep, on the Westside of Chicago, and after taking a few journalism classes, he discovered that he wanted to become a journalist. He went on to attend and graduate Ball State University, where he was involved in student media, Newslink Indiana and WCRD. From those two organizations, he decided that not only he wanted to be a journalist, but an entertainment journalist. Through WCRD, he found himself to be in love with music Through Newslink Indiana, he noticed that he liked talking about pop culture. With a combination from both, he ultimately founded T-Talk.

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T-Talk #25 New Music Friday/ New Movie Friday 1/25

Check out what’s going on on Celebrity Big Brother, Eve’s commentary on Chris Brown, and Kanye West’s lawsuit. Also it is New Music Friday and New Movie Friday, so you don’t want to miss out.

T-Talk #24 – ALLEGATIONS!!

What is going on with Chris Brown, Tarji P. Henson, and Ariana Grande this week. Also, what trivia game are we playing today?

T-Talk #23 – New MUSIC AND MOVIE FRIDAY 1/18

Check out all the new movie and music this Friday. And keep up to date with the latest headlines in entertainment

T-Talk #22 – New Changes!

Check out what is going on with NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show, Billboard 100 Top 10, who has the lowest album sales, and a new trivia game.

T-Talk #21 – Anticipation 15!

Check out what are some of the anticipated moves of 2019, the cast of he upcoming celebrity big brother, and latest news about Bad Boys 3

T-Talk #20 New Music/Movie Friday!

Check out the podcast where there is talk of the youngest executive producer in history, Lady Gaga’s big move, and new music as well as movies on this Friday (Jan. 11).

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