Hosted ByJoshua Neese

Joshua is a Chilled Gamer is a Devoted Player of Electronic Games. Being a True Gamer isn't About Playing Every Game. A True Gamer Plays from the Heart. He Play Games the Way Their Supposed to be Played. He Doesn’t Play Fortnite Online to get First Place all the Time, He Plays Because He Wants to. He Plays to Play. He Learns from His Mistakes and Slowly He Becomes Better and Better. That’s What Makes Him A True Gamer.

Joshua is 18 years old Hetero-sexual Floridian Born and Raised. He Attends Church Seeking the Man Above Guidance. He Likes fishing, Gaming, Music, Produces Beats and Likes Free Diving in the Ocean. Some Say He Has a Serious Gambling Habit but He Doesn’t Think So. He is Looking for a Woman Who Looks Like Jennifer Lawrence but has the Skills of Porn star Mia Khalifa. He is Trying to Raise His Gaming Skills at Every Opportunity and as You See with No Luck.

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