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We Discuss Everything Great in World. Government Officials Who Think That Gridlock is Beneficial to Their Greatness. Everyday People and Their Use of Social Media Which Would Include Sexual Perversions, Drugs, Music, Television, Movies and Crime. We Discuss What is Happening Today and What is Going to Happen Tomorrow and How the End is Closer Than We All Realize.

Jack is a 54-year-old Male Raised in the Suburbs of Philadelphia Who Like Every Other Northeastern Moved to South Florida. He is Die-Hard Philly Sports Fan Who May or Not Have a Slight Personality Disorder, Which May or May Not Have Been Diagnosed by a Psychiatrist. In Saying That This Diagnosis May or May Not be a Bit Premature and Presumptuous? Jack is Under the Impression He Has Put Up with Way Too Much Shit in his Life. He Would Really Would Like to Tell All the People He Dislikes and Owes Money to F**k Off After which He Would Live on the Beach In 60 x 60 x 40 Cardboard Box. So Just Listen and Watch His Podcast as His Life Slowly Unwinds and He Spirals to His Certain Death.

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