Podcasters Wanted

Have you ever wanted to perform your own podcast? Everyone has One, Why not You?

Here is your Opportunity!

The HBS Team will assist you to Produce your Own Remote Podcast from the Comfort Of your Own Home.

The HBS Design Team will Work with a Podcaster to Design a Thumbnail, Your Brand for Your Podcast. The HBS Producers Will Work with you the Podcaster to Produce a Weekly 30 Minute Remote Podcast, a Topic of Your Choosing. Your Remote Podcast will then be posted to the HBS Homepage at No Cost to you to Be Viewed by Potentially Millions Around the World. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team will then step in to Discuss the Optimization Strategy, Specific to Your Podcast.

What makes Harold Broadcasting Services (HBS) the prime location to host your podcast? As HBS grows We Will Have Strength in Numbers!! Join the HBS Team. It is the Vision of the HBS Leadership to make podcasting easily accessible to all persons who have a computer, laptop and a microphone while Making HBS a Global Brand!, Join the Team, Have Your Voice Heard.

HBS Podcast Pay Rate​

It is normal that podcasters don't get paid but HBS is trying to change that. HBS has implemented podcasters pay for performance. The numbers are outlined below

1500 Listeners (Within 2 weeks of Podcast Posting) $25.00

5000 Listeners (Within 2 weeks of Podcast Posting) $50.00

7500 Listeners (Within 2 weeks of Podcast Posting) $75.00

10000 Listeners (Within 2 weeks of Podcast Posting) $100.00

Show Sponsor or Live Read $50.00

This looks easy but it is not!!

If you decide to undertake a remote podcast production you will have to know how to utilize social media, simply basically promote yourself in locations like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. You must work to build a brand.

Success will not happen overnight. Patience, Perseverance and utilizing Social Media to promote your podcast are various avenues to success.

Below is an outline of what must happen if you want to do a remote podcast. It is very simple and easy to do. Read the information below;

Step 1
You have to touch base with Ryan Cosme, the HBS Executive Producer and schedule a setup meeting so we can nail down the look for your thumbnail. I think it is very important to get this part right. It will be not just your signature but also the HBS signature.

Step 2
The name of your podcast. Another important part of branding. We don’t want the name to be wordy but to the point. 

Lastly, You will need to get together so you and he can coach you on how to record podcast will be recorded, uploaded and posted to the HBS Homepage all in a timely manner, or as I call it the details.

Step 3
After your podcast is up on the HBS Homepage a Team Member Will Reach Out to You to Discuss

the Keys to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your Podcast.


If You’re Interested Reach out to Us and Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

HBS Management Team Contact information:

Ryan Cosme’s phone number – (480) -703-9578

Jack V. Harold phone number – (803) 447-6975

Or Email Us at


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